Week 1 Assignment

I have a hunch that this class is going to ROCK! Combining my 2 favorite subjects; history and communications, fills me with optimism and curiosity! As a marketing professional for 12+ years, I am a true believer that story telling plays a key role in delivering a message in an effective and unforgettable manner; a skill that all marketers must acquire/master. Indeed, a great story will be told in this class when we look back at history and examine the evolution of communications technology and how it reshaped the way people communicate now a days as well as deepened their level of participation. My learning goal for this course is 3 folds:

1) Understand the environment and readiness factors which facilitated the birth of digital media over time. Where did it all start? How did it evolve? What were some of the major milestones and important innovations which caused a shift in culture and a change in society? What were some of the failed attempts? Why or why not?

2) Build a general awareness and comprehension of where digital media stands today and be able to foresee (to an extent) where it is headed tomorrow. I am tired of playing catch up, I seem to always fall one step behind when it comes to adapting or even learning about new technologies, new tools. I am hopeful that this class will give me access to the information and resources needed to build a strong foundation in this field and more confidence. 

3) Finally, and most important for more emotional purposes than practical – to learn how to blog. If there is one thing I’d like to walk away with from this class, it is become a blogger. Learn how to blog, when to blog, what to blog, and how to maintain a blog site, etc. I was born and raised in Damascus, Syria, and have lived the second half of my life here in the U.S. I am the perfect hybrid with unbiased views and clear vision. There is so much I would absolutely love to blog about beginning with the events which are unfolding in Syria as we speak, discussing autism and disability, touching on the different religions, tourism, incredible Syrian history, to new trends in Syrian drama. I would love to cross reference perspectives and insights between the 2 countries/cultures and maintain a consistent and professional blog by finding the delicate balance between blogging too much (putting quantity over quality) and not blogging enough.

Looking forward to a wonderful quarter, Kathy!


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